«After 16 unsuccessful IVF attempts, a 47-year-old woman gave birth to a baby.😮😍 What does the baby look like now?»

It is well known that some women may not actively seek to become mothers, but for them, conception and pregnancy happen naturally. However, the road to parenthood can be difficult for individuals for whom being a mother is the greatest ambition.

Regretfully, English heroine Louise Wonford was one of those who had a difficult time becoming pregnant. Louise’s body did not allow for natural conception, so she and her husband decided to use in vitro fertilization (IVF).IVF is a difficult process with no assurances of success because not every embryo implants. Despite the possible obstacles, Louise set off on her voyage with resolve, knowing it might not be easy to get her long-desired happiness.

Louise had to go through sixteen unsuccessful transfers of embryos before the seventeenth one took hold and started to grow. The emotional strain of constantly being let down by failed attempts must have been immense.

Louise finally realized her ambition of giving birth to William, a healthy child, at 47.

Considering the obstacles they overcome together, she thinks her 37-week-old son has the potential to be an impactful person.

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