“Just Don’t Be Scared”: What Would a 600-Tattooed Girl Look Like?😳😨

Tattoos have grown in popularity as a type of body art in the modern period; they may be subtle inscriptions or large motifs. But Amber Luke, a citizen of Australia, went far with this fad, tattooing an incredible six hundred designs all over her body.

 “Just Don’t Be Scared”: What Does a Girl With 600 Tattoos On Her Body Look Like?

Amber’s desire to show her artistic side extended beyond tattoos; she also considered getting many facial piercings and even underwent the dangerous process of getting the whites of her eyes tattooed.

There are some risks associated with this operation, one of which is loss of vision. Luke changed her body with a wide variety of tattoos over six years, resulting in an incredible transformation. Recognizing her previous self is difficult when comparing recent images to old ones.

In a novel experiment, Amber used foundation to cover up her facial tattoos and eye lenses to cover up her unusual eye color.

When Amber showed her transformed appearance—unusual for her—to someone significant, there were conflicting emotions. It’s interesting to note that Amber wasn’t quite happy with how her natural face looked.

What do you think of her appearance?

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