«Christina Applegate arrived at the Emmys 2024 with a cane, saying, 😭”She Could Hardly Walk”!»

Christina Applegate, who is living with multiple sclerosis, bravely returned to the spotlight at the 2024 Emmys. Applegate, who is well-known for her explosive performances, has maintained a low profile because of her health issues.

Her attendance at the function was an important turning point in her MS journey. With the aid of a cane and wearing a beautiful red gown, Applegate gave a standing ovation as she presented an award. She playfully teased the audience while addressing her physical problems with humor.

Following Applegate’s MS diagnosis, there was a wave of support. She discussed the severe effects of MS on her day-to-day life in an open interview.

Applegate needed assistance, but because of her weakened immune system, she desired little support.

She brought up the physical cost of friends’ visits.

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