She’s Got The Darkest Skin On Earth: She Was Previously Embarrassed About Her Looks, But Now She’s Among The Most Wanted Models!  

Models had to adhere to the “90-60-90” number in the past.

 “She Has The Darkest Skin In The World”: She Was Once Embarrassed By Her Appearance, And Today She Is One Of The Most Sought-after Models!
But the world is changing, and any girl can now aspire to be a model, with special emphasis on those with distinctive features.
A good illustration of this change is Nyakim Gatvech, who, because of her unique looks, rose to become one of the most well-known models.

Her complexion is dark—possibly the darkest of all. Even though she had been teased by her classmates when she was younger, Nyakim thought about whitening her skin.

Nyakim has developed self-love and acceptance of her features. She’s thankful to nature for her unique skin tone and doesn’t want it changed.

What do you think of her appearance and skin color?


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