Shattering Preconceptions: 😍Plus-Size Models Capable of Beating Any Skinny Girl!

The modeling profession used to rigorously follow the 90-60-90 figure, but as time went on, the fashion industry changed to accommodate a wider range of body shapes. Designers are increasingly looking for plus-size models to present their collections because they believe that different body types can be beautiful too. Here, we feature well-known plus-size models that have defied expectations and shown that being slender is not a must for a successful modeling career.

Hunter McGrady

At the age of fifteen, Hunter began her modeling career as a slim girl. Later, she fought against companies that tried to fit her curves into predetermined categories.

She bravely accepted plus-size modeling, and she has never looked back.

Precious Lee

A dark-skinned plus-size model, Precious Lee made waves by featuring in a special edition of a prominent sports magazine, achieving fame that even some slender models aspire to but may not attain.

Denise Bidot

Following her participation in a photo session for a well-known swimwear brand, Denise became well-known around the world as a result her photographs went viral.

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra was formerly a slender model who had contract cancellations due to weight gain.

Unfazed, she defied accepted notions of beauty and showed that success is possible for plus-size models.

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