«At Seven Years Old, He Broke Multiple Records: How Does the Young Athlete Appear Now?»😮💪

At the age of four, Andrey Kostash began participating in athletics, with his father providing him with coaching.
He started to become successful and break records at the age of seven, completing 4,000 bounces off the ground in 2.5 hours.

After three years, he broke the previous record by simultaneously lifting 25 kg of weight 1784 times. At fourteen years old, Andrey, the world-famous kid, has gone through a lot of changes in his life.

As a coach and instructor, his father created training regimens that emphasized strength training. He also assumed responsibility for influencing Andrey’s early years by marketing his media presence.

His curiosity faded as he got older since being a sports adolescent wasn’t as shocking as being an exuberant toddler. Andrey took the risk of starting a YouTube channel.

At the age of 14, he still plays sports, dabbles in acting, and no longer focuses on setting records—rather, he lives for himself.

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