«Like Grandma, Like Granddaughter: 🥰”Charlie’s Angels” 72 years old star Jaclyn Smith posted a picture of herself and her granddaughter!»😍

The iconic “Charlie’s Angels” star Jaclyn Smith recently made her followers happy by posting a touching photo of herself and her granddaughter, Wren Jaclyn Richmond, on Instagram.

The photo, which was shot early in January when Jaclyn went to her son Gaston Richmond’s home, showed off how much the devoted grandma and her namesake granddaughter resembled each other. Admiring fans flocked to the picture, highlighting how much Jaclyn and newborn Wren looked alike.

This touching incident happened after baby Wren was born on April 25, the year before. In honor of the momentous event, Jaclyn Smith shared a touching film that showed her son Gaston Richmond and daughter-in-law Bonnie Lane at various points during the prenatal period.

Although Jaclyn is quite attached to baby Wren, the 78-year-old actress is not too attached to any other granddaughter. Jaclyn has previously talked about the strong relationships she has with her other grandkids, Olivia and Bea, who come to see her often.

In her reflections on the pleasures of being a grandmother, Jaclyn Smith emphasized the fun things her grandchildren do, including having tea parties.
Recalling her treasured moments of intimacy with her grandfather, Jaclyn underscored the importance of intergenerational relationships in a child’s upbringing.
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