«After her divorce, she decided to completely change her life: She quit her job, sold her house, and moved into a tiny cottage!»😍

Kari’s little house is a wonderful example of mindful living and self-reinvention.
Following her divorce, Kari went through a transformative journey and worked with her father, an architect, to create a modern small house in Portland that measures 24 by 8.5 feet.

With its smart storage options and Scandinavian inspirations, the room seems cozy and well-organized despite its small size. The walls are a chocolate-brown metal with patterns that complement the surrounding vegetation. Inside, the walls, cabinets, and ceiling are all made of Russian birch, which gives the space a unified, cheery look.

Kari, who lives and works in a compact house, places a high value on openness and natural light. Raised worktops with a sink, stove, and oven that run on propane are included in the kitchen, along with a separate space for a small refrigerator, pantry, and washing machine.

The bathroom is another example of clever design, with a concealed shower space that opens up when Kari moves her full-size closet and a combined toilet and sink.
Even with her cramped quarters, Kari manages to keep her area clutter-free thanks to her clever furniture design that includes storage.

Her tiny house frees up her life for worthwhile activities by acting as a stimulus for her pursuit of writing, travel, and art, in addition to being a functional place to live.

Watch the enlightening video below for a glimpse into Kari’s conscious lifestyle.

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