“What or Who Was the Reason?”:🤔 Why Did Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa, who have two children, File for Divorce?🙄

Officially, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s marriage is over. After two years of separation, Bonet filed for divorce, which was quickly granted, thereby ending their relationship. After Momoa’s childhood infatuation with Bonet, the pair got married and amicably agreed on the circumstances of their separation.

 “What Was The Reason”: Why Did Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet, Having 2 Kids Together Divorce?
Jason Momoa candidly said on “The Late Late Show” with James Corden that his adolescent interest in Lisa Bonet evolved into a lifetime infatuation. He continued to dream of Bonet, and in 2005, fate brought them together at a New York jazz club. For Momoa, who has been crushing on this person since he was eight years old, their meeting was like a dream come true.

Following a pleasant exchange, Momoa and Bonet started dating, and in October 2017, they got married. But they made their split official in January 2022, citing their growing distance from one another over time.

The pair stressed that their love was changing rather than waning, despite the shockwaves this announcement generated across their fan base.

Rumors began to circulate after Momoa was seen with actresses Kate Beckinsale and Eiza González, following their split. Momoa provided clarification on these conversations, stating that they were cordial discussions and denying any romantic relationship.

Now that they have been apart for two years, Bonet and Momoa are formally divorced. The couple has reached a mutual agreement on the conditions of their separation, and the divorce petition, which cited irreconcilable differences, has been approved.

Bonet has declined spousal support in favor of shared custody of their two children, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf. Their Marital Settlement Agreement provides a thorough explanation of income disclosure and asset division.

The ex-couple has agreed to share legal custody of their young children going forward and to take joint responsibility for their general welfare, including health and education.

Crucially, they have both renounced all claims of spousal support from one another, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to a peaceful and satisfactory conclusion.

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