«You Don’t Deserve to Be a Mom😖: The “Healthy Baby” Was Born to a Woman With a Face Disability!»😥

A lady who was born with a congenital deformity was subjected to bullying and judgment over her suitability as a mother. Together with her spouse, they defied expectations by overcoming obstacles and welcoming a healthy kid.

The couple shared their pregnancy experience on social media and kept their cheerful outlook in the face of nasty remarks.

They happily welcomed their daughter, Seraphina Rose Kay, into the world on September 30. The mother addressed worries about her birth abnormality by stressing genetic tests and stating that she wasn’t a carrier.

She emphasized that love transcends hereditary variables and warned against forming judgments about parents who are handicapped.

Courtney’s tale serves as a poignant reminder of how parental love can triumph over adversity.

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