«Bianca Censori stunned with a see-through top and then went all out with a ridiculous leopard appearance.Which outfit is better?»😆

When Bianca Censori donned a very covered-up ensemble to follow Kanye West out of the studio, she demonstrated her ability to do both. It stood in sharp contrast to the rapper’s wife’s highly sensual and skimpy ensemble from earlier in the week.

Bianca Censori
When Bianca, who worked for West as an architect, left the LA studio, she was dressed in a huge fur coat. The duo reportedly made their way to a tanning salon after that.
Bianca’s gargantuan ensemble featured a gigantic coat with exaggerated pockets and sleeves, belted around the waist.

Bianca, who was employed by West as his architect, wore an enormous fur coat

She wore an almost absurdly big hat as an accessory, draping it over her face and shoulders.
Worried admirers have dubbed West a “creep” for the way he treated his wife. He was wearing leather-look pants and a t-shirt with the number “1” on the back. Bianca, 26, went braless earlier this week while wearing a see-through tank top with the word “wet” emblazoned across her chest.

Bianca's enormous outfit consisted of a huge coat with oversized sleeves and pockets
She had a highly sensual feature on her shorts that was meant to hold sex toys. The Daily Mail claims that the $50 Packer Gear trousers are available for purchase in sex stores and are suitable for both genders.

Bianca Censori completely covers face and body in 'crazy' fur outfit in LA  with Kanye West as fans make desperate demand | The Sun
West’s admirers have taken to social media to vent their rage, accusing the rapper of “traumatizing” his kids by sharing nearly-naked photos of his wife.
The musician posted a picture of herself cooking with Bianca Censori on Instagram.

Bianca Censori completely covers face and body in 'crazy' fur outfit in LA  with Kanye West as fans make desperate demand ...Middle East
Nevertheless, the 29-year-old was wearing a see-through thong bodysuit and was turning her back on the camera, exposing her whole posterior.
Since they started dating in 2023, the couple has been under fire for their contentious wardrobe choices, with many criticizing Kanye in particular.

Kanye West And His New “Wife” Stir Up Hate In Italy After Being Spotted In  Revealing Outfits | Bored Panda

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