«So Chic and Cozy: 😮A Finnish woman displayed her 380-square-foot apartment in a 1963-era old house!»

About 10,000 people live in the charming city of Hanko, which is located in southern Finland and has a distinct, calm vibe. To get a taste of the way of life in the area, we’ll tour one of the Hanko flats today.

Located in a 1963 three-story structure, the apartment looks little from the outside, but as the last image shows, it has an amazing view from its windows.
The apartment serves as the only area for living, sleeping, and cooking. Its decor is generally light-colored, with wood, white, and gray being the most common color schemes.

A splash of vivid yellow gives the kitchen a focal point. The living area is equipped with a TV, a table, and a comfortable sofa.

Privacy is provided by a sleeping space that is smartly divided by a modest divider. Even though it’s small, the kitchen feels cozy because of its well-maintained, basic furniture.

The flat is owned by a food aficionado; therefore, everything required to make delicious meals is in there.

The water is only a short walk from the property, and there are several lovely beaches nearby for swimming, tanning, and soaking up the coastal vibe.

All in all, this bright and airy apartment provides a pleasant living space right in the middle of Hanko.

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