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Tucked away in Sussex, southern England is a remarkable home that seems more like it was taken from a medieval tale than a modern structure.
This triangular home, which has more of the appearance of a movie set, has a tiled roof in place of traditional walls and is filled with an exquisite collection of vintage furniture and ornaments.

When the current owners took over, the inside was in such disarray that new furnishings had to be installed in addition to central heating and plumbing being revived.

However, the owner shows no remorse for the effort. She talks warmly about her home and its history, mentioning the ancient brick and stone floors on the lower level that darken in the presence of moisture.

“Handcrafted wood beams, each carrying the master’s distinct stamp, grace nearly every room… This place is rich with interesting history!

The décor and furniture used throughout the home were purchased from neighborhood markets. The living area boasts a large fireplace, cozy couches and armchairs, and beautifully decorated walls with tapestries and paintings that all contribute to its classic English charm.

The old stone beneath the previously carpeted flooring was revealed, an ordinary decision that added to its charm.

There’s a home library, and there’s a fireplace in another lounge. A second bedroom, with a wrought-iron bed and an antique mirrored dressing table, tends toward a more romantic environment, while the bedroom seamlessly blends antique and contemporary details.

The large tiled bath and wooden cabinets in the country-style bathroom are its main features. And lastly, a guest chamber beneath the eaves.

Beyond its charming exterior, the Sussex house exudes warmth thanks to its unique antique furniture and décor, providing a window into an engrossing historical tale.

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