«The 340-pound brave model who always wears mini, described as “a plump beauty,” flaunted her handsome husband and sons!»😍😮

Famous plus-size model Tess Holliday recently shared a family photo on her Instagram account along with a note of gratitude for her journey.
She discussed the challenges she faced in love relationships in her early years, but she also underlined how much more attention she receives from admirers now.

Tess Holliday cools off with an ice lolly while enjoying a day out at Disney World | Daily Mail Online
Three years ago, Tess and her partner, photographer Nick Halliday, who she shares two children with, officially became a couple. While Baby Bowie is their joint kid, Nick is lovingly parenting Riley, Tess’s child from a prior relationship, as his own.

Online comments on the family portrait were divided, with some applauding the lovely family and others voicing opposing viewpoints.

Remarks varied from praise for the family’s attractiveness to doubts over the match.

What do you think about this family portrait and its history? Please participate in the comments.

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