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After two unsuccessful marriages, the legendary actor Richard Gere, known for his heartbreaking portrayals, discovered true love in Alejandra Silva.
After marrying actress Carey Lowell and supermodel Cindy Crawford, Gere decided to wait to marry until he met the perfect person.
Alejandra Silva is a Spanish activist who has a similar passion for helping others.

 “Once She Slept On The Street”: Richard Gere’s 33-year-old Wife And Their “Strong Love”!
Although Gere and Silva had been together for 15 years, they only became a couple in 2014. When Gere borrowed a yacht from Silva’s father to use for a TV ad, that’s how their paths initially met. Their friendship, which had started as family friends, strengthened upon their reunion as they both realized they had met their soul match.

Their karmic energies, as Gere describes them, made any possible hurdles disappear, even though they were very different in age. With a strong dedication to her humanitarian endeavors, Silva took up Buddhism and relocated to New York to be with Gere. Their friendship is strengthened by their enthusiasm for improving society and their shared beliefs.

Gere enthusiastically supports Silva’s persistent efforts to eliminate homelessness in Spain as the founder of Rais Fundacion.
The pair decided to keep their relationship quiet until 2015 when they were seen at the Taormina Film Festival in Sicily. They got married in a low-key ceremony on Gere’s property in 2018 and celebrated in New York City thereafter.

Silva made her feel like the luckiest lady by complimenting Gere’s humanitarian side and characterizing him as modest, sympathetic, and kind. The birth of their second child in 2020 marked the beginning of a new chapter in their love journey. Silva made her pregnancy public by sharing a picture of their trip to see the Dalai Lama.

Despite acknowledging the difficulties of parenting children at his age, 73-year-old Gere is upbeat and assures Silva of at least 20 more years of excellent health.

Despite worries about time, the couple lives a life full of love, joy, and shared ideals, embracing each moment as it comes.

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