«A Man Always in a Skirt and High Heels: A father of three living a woman’s lifestyle!»😳😨

The father of three, Mark Bryan, is a 63-year-old heterosexual guy who defies social conventions by adopting an unusual sense of style that includes wearing heels and skirts.

 “A Man In A Skirt And High Heels”: Dad Of 3 Leads a Lifestyle Of a Woman!

Bryan, a German robotics engineer who identifies as straight and content with his marriage, stresses that his wardrobe choices have nothing to do with his sexual orientation.

After being motivated to expand his collection of clothes by a shopping trip he took with his spouse, Bryan began wearing heels and then skirts in 2015.

Bryan finds support from his wife and children and maintains his confidence in his style despite the odd looks he gets from others.

Though opinions on his style are divided, Bryan’s narrative emphasizes how important it is to challenge gender norms in fashion.

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