«What Does the 8-month-old Colombian Baby Look Like Now That He Weighs Up To 44 Lbs?»😳🤫

When Santiago Mendez was barely 8 months old, his rapid weight gain brought him national attention.
Santiago, who was born in Colombia in 2013, was the sixth child in a large family. At the age of one, he had gained a lot of weight, which was alarming.

 An 8-month-old Baby From Colombia Weighed As Much As 44 lbs: What Does The Boy Look Like Now?
This was unintentionally caused by his mother, Eunice, who would sometimes overfeed him. Because of their worry, the family sought medical help, which brought Santiago’s situation to the attention of the media.

News organizations throughout the world followed his weight-loss journey and reported on his tale. Isabella, a 19.5-kilogram peer, joined the campaign to adopt a better way of living.

Financial difficulties threatened Santiago’s therapy in 2015, but encouraging sponsors intervened to keep the change going.

At seven years old, Santiago’s size and health now match those of his classmates.

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