«The inside of a 96-year-old lady’s house will wow you, despite the plain outside!»😳😲

The present owner constructed and decorated this amazing home 72 years ago, and it is currently for sale.
The woman who has loved and cared for it so much has chosen to sell it as she is unable to handle the house anymore.

 A 96-Year-Old Lady’s House: Looks Plain Outside, But The Inside Will Blow Your Mind away!
The real estate broker walked in and was immediately taken aback by its regal appearance and well-preserved old furniture. Though modest from the outside, the house within becomes an opulent sanctuary.

Every space has its own distinct character, from crisp and traditional to quaint and rustic.

There’s a great country-style pub and lounge in the basement that’s ideal for relaxing.

The property has a sense of a fairytale thanks to the pink-themed décor throughout.

It is hoped that the next owner will value and look after this unique house just as much as the present owner has.

What do you think of this quaint home?

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