This 92-year-old woman proves that age is just a number😮—she frequently dresses like a 16-year-old girl in swimsuits!What does she use?😃

The 92-year-old English woman residing in Spain, Joan Woodhouse, is drawing attention with her self-assured bikini wear.

 For This 92-year-old Lady Age Is Just a Number: She Often Dresses In Swimsuits Like a 16-year-old Girl!

She credits her young appearance to never gaining weight, eschewing an “old” way of thinking, and finding happiness in the little things, like spending time at the beach with her granddaughter.

She accepts criticism on social media but stays true to her style. While some doubters advocate for cosmetic improvements, Joan attributes her ageless beauty to a daily regimen of using Nivea cream for more than seven decades.

She highlights her eight children, sixteen grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren on TikTok as she happily shares her family life.

Joan’s narrative encourages a dynamic approach to aging.

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