😳«A couple adopted a red-skinned baby who had been abandoned by her parents and raised her to become a prosperous woman! See Nowdays Photos!»

Mui Thomas’s biological parents abandoned her after she was born with a congenital skin disease.

 A Red-Skinned Baby Was Abandoned By Her Parents: A Couple Adopted Her And Raised Her Into a Successful Woman!
Physicians expected that her Harlequin ichthyosis would kill her. Mui was raised by Tina and Rog Thomas, even though they were informed she would pass away before birth.

Mui had emotional difficulties as a result of bullying and cyberbullying. She broke norms and found comfort in rugby administration with her parents’ backing.

Now thirty, Mui uses her story to inspire others and raise awareness of visible differences.

Her upbeat attitude and tenacity serve as a lesson in the value of kindness.

Mui’s smile is still her powerful response, even in the face of adversity.
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