«People Say That He Should Take A DNA Test After Seeing His Baby!😳It’s Unreal!»

Zayne, Vivienne’s and Ezekiel’s kid, marked the beginning of their journey as parents. The happy event nevertheless took an unexpected turn when guests failed to realize that Zayne’s lighter skin tone was a result of albinism.

 “You Should Take a DNA Test”: People Accused The Woman Of Cheating Her Husband When They Saw Their Baby!
Unknown people pushed Ezekiel to take a DNA test to establish fatherhood, accusing the couple of unjustified adultery. Zayne, who is eight months old, is a source of strength for his parents, who have made the courageous decision to face the negativity head-on.

When Zayne was born, Vivienne, who had imagined their child’s features while they were pregnant, was taken aback and surprised. Nevertheless, her first love for him outweighed any social criticism.

Regretfully, there are still false beliefs regarding albinism, and even with the couple’s best attempts to dispel these beliefs, obstacles still arise, especially in their home country of Nigeria.
Because albinos are often discriminated against, the couple’s trip is made much more difficult.

Vivienne and Ezekiel are committed to providing Zayne with a loving and welcoming atmosphere despite social preconceptions.

Their experience serves as a reminder of the value of dispelling myths, promoting empathy, and celebrating love in all of its exquisite manifestations.

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