«The spouses of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn will become grandparents for the eighth time, which is happy news!»😍👏

Wyatt Russell, Kurt Russell’s son, is expecting a second child, so Goldie Hawn and herself are thrilled to be grandparents to eight grandchildren.

 Happy News In The Family Of Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn: The Spouses Will Become Grandparents For The 8th Time!

Kurt claims that becoming a grandfather is the best thing ever, and they both treasure its blessings.

The family is close-knit, and Goldie enjoys getting her grandchildren together for movie nights.

The Hollywood luminaries have imparted important life lessons, stressing compassion and hard work, to their children and grandchildren.

Their kids, Oliver and Wyatt, as well as their daughter Kate Hudson, pursue careers in entertainment.

Wyatt is enjoying parenting with his wife, Meredith Hagner, in addition to his acting profession.

Let’s celebrate the joyous family!

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