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The well-known “Friends” actress Courteney Cox owns an exquisite property in Malibu. 🏡 She discovered stardom in Hollywood despite her early desire to become an architect.
She now resides in a home that combines warmth and elegance in a “modern barn.” Courteney relishes the tranquility and coziness of her sanctuary, encircled by her dogs, now that her daughter has left for college.

 Strange Lifestyle Of Courteney Cox: The Star Prefers To Live In a ‘Modern Barn’ Home With Dogs!
Though Courteney’s path began with aspirations of becoming an architect, fate guided her to a prosperous acting career. Her passion for building and design never diminished, even when she rose to fame.

In addition to being chic, Courteney’s Malibu house is a warm and inviting place where she entertains friends like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.

Her home serves as a center of social interaction because of the warmth and camaraderie that her weekly dinner parties foster. California chic meets midcentury contemporary style in Courteney’s house. She was involved in every aspect of the refurbishment, down to the color of the tennis courts and the exterior. Her idea of a “modern barn” was realized, exhibiting grace and simplicity.

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Because of its glass walls and master bedroom that opens to a deck with views of the water, Courteney’s house blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space.
Renowned artists’ works, an opulent shower, and an expansive garden round out the idyllic scene.

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Courteney has a lively personality that comes through at every turn. Her life’s path from ambitious architect to Hollywood star has culminated in a home that captures her spirit, where style and simplicity coexist and her true self is found.

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