«Born Without Nose: 😳The Little Girl Whose Beauty Is Shown Despite Her Prolonged Bullying!How does she look now?»  

Tessa, a brave young child with total congenital arhinia—an uncommon condition—has gained recognition as a model for valuing diversity in beauty.

 “Born Without Nose”: The Little Girl Was Bullied a Lot, But Proves She Is Beautiful In Her Own Way!
Despite not having a nose at birth, Tessa exudes optimism and grit. Just 100 people worldwide suffer from complete congenital arhinia, which prevents nose growth in the womb.

An ultrasound revealed Tessa’s facial abnormality, which caused her parents, Grainne and Nathan Evans, to experience a range of emotions. The Evans family from County Derry, Northern Ireland, is committed to giving Tessa the finest support and care possible, whatever the obstacles.

Soon after her birth, Tessa had a tracheotomy and cataract surgery. At the age of two, she had cosmetic surgery to prepare her nose for an artificial one in the future.

It is hoped that eventually, medical professionals will build Tessa a nose using a 3D printer.

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