«Lost 98% of his body to burn as a child, and his wife abandoned him later:😧 The man raised his two daughters by himself!»😳

When Chris Tomlinson was just two years old, he experienced a terrible childhood event that left him with 98% burns.

 “Suffered a Burn On 98% Of His Body As a Child, In The Future Was Abandoned By His Wife”: The Man Raised His Two Daughters Alone!
He was given a 1% chance of survival by the doctors, yet he overcame their predictions by enduring almost 200 surgeries, being optimistic, and having confidence in God.

He overcame adversity to become a father, defying infertility predictions. Chris, who experienced homelessness and unemployment, posted his story online to increase awareness of impairments.

He was devastated when his wife left, but he took comfort in his kids.

The internet community came together in support of him, particularly Reddit, offering both financial assistance and optimism for the future.

He is an excellent father. Do you agree?

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