«They were made fun of when they were little, but now they’re famous models!»😮😍

From a young age, twin sisters Cypriana and Takeina Queen experienced shame due to their thick, wavy, black hair.

 In Childhood They Were Laughed At: Now They Are Successful Models!

The sisters’ Afro hairstyles were so distinctive and beautiful that they were made fun of by their classmates, who had them wear hats and spend hours trying to straighten their hair.
They considered ending it sooner, but their parents dissuaded them from doing so.

It’s interesting to mention that adults thought the girls’ hair was beautiful and frequently approached them to inquire about their hair regimen.

As they grew older, modeling agencies took note of them, leading to unanticipated chances in the modeling business. Even though they thought of themselves as “ugly ducklings,” their distinctive hair ended up being the secret to a lucrative modeling career.

These days, the sisters take great care of their hair, applying oils, masks, and specialty shampoos.

At night, they apply oil concoctions, braid their hair, and cover it with cotton turbans to preserve their hair as a treasured aspect of who they are.

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