«Jimmy Carter attended his wife’s funeral, 😣and some who saw him there predicted that he would pass very quickly!»😓

Rosalynn Carter, the former First Lady of the United States, passed away at the age of 96 just over a week ago. Jimmy Carter, the 99-year-old former president of the United States, is mourning her loss.

 Jimmy Carter Attended His Wife’s Funeral: People Seeing His Appearance Predicted His Soon Death!
Jimmy and Rosalynn planned to be buried next to each other in Plains, Georgia because they were inseparable throughout their lives.

A memorial event commemorating Rosalynn’s extraordinary life was attended by prominent politicians and previous first ladies. Jimmy went to the service with his partner, a medical practitioner, and their daughter Amy at his side.

Amy talked of their unwavering love and read a letter Jimmy had written to her mother.

Jimmy was observed in a wheelchair at the funeral, honoring their hometown of Plains, Georgia, with a special blanket that featured pictures of him and Rosalynn.

After seeing Jimmy during the service, many expressed worries about his health, with some speculating that because of his advanced age, his sadness, and the continued hospice care, he might not live for very long.

Social media users expressed their anguish and anxiety over Jimmy’s future while also sharing their thoughts.

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