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Even though “My Three Sons” ended decades ago, viewers still have a soft spot in their hearts for this classic family sitcom. Let’s take a look at the real-life triplets who played Robbie Douglas’ kids’ post-show adventure.

From 1960 to 1972, “My Three Sons” ran for twelve spectacular seasons, enthralling viewers with the Douglas family’s exploits. The program made a significant impact despite deviating from the conventional notion of the nuclear family.

Before departing in the fifth season, Tim Considine played Mike Douglas, the eldest son, who questioned his father’s choices.

Don Grady played Robbie Douglas, the series’ adolescent parent of triplets, while Stanley Livingston played the youngest boy who saw his father die.

The triplets appeared in films from 1970 to 1972. Actress Tina Cole recently posted a photo of the Todd brothers—Joe, Dan, and Michael—on Facebook. The brothers are now grown and no longer recognized, yet they still seem quite similar.

Their grandma answered a casting call for twins for the movie “My Three Sons,” which is how their journey started. For a show called “My Three Sons,” the concept of including a third character alongside the twins worked out perfectly.

The Todd brothers were chosen only based on their siblinghood, not any particular skill. Following the performance, the triplets experimented with advertisements and appeared on “The Joan Rivers Show” in 1989. Even though they had a brief career in show business, their paths split in a different direction: military service.

For the Todd brothers, enlisting in the Army proved to be a pivotal choice. Joe retired from the Army’s medic section in 2007 after 20 years of service.

After serving for a while as a combat engineer, Michael retired and went on to become a teacher.

Dan explored entrepreneurship, obtained a degree, and served for eight years.

All of the brothers achieved success in their post-military pursuits, and their military experiences taught them important life lessons.

The 2009 reunion of the cast of “My Three Sons” on “The Early Show” brought back fond memories and amusing conversations about their time spent making the beloved comedy.


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