«It’s Amazing! 😲A Couple Repaired a Free Old House to Make It Their Dream Home.»😍

Many people aspire to purchase their ideal home, which is a representation of achievement and hard work. Imagine receiving your ideal home at no cost. This was a transformative experience for Julie and Eddie Flores of Kansas, who received a historic Dutch colonial house in Lincoln for free.

At first, the three-child couple had no intention of moving. But when they went to Julie’s birthplace of Lincoln, they came into an abandoned Dutch colonial property that, despite its weathered façade, had priceless secrets behind it.

 “A Couple Got a Free Old House and Fixed It Up”: Now, It’s Their Dream Home!
The house’s potential captivated the couple, who saw it as their future home.

The drawback? Within a year, the house had to be moved or it would be demolished. If a new owner consented to move the house, the Lincoln County Hospital & Healthcare Foundation offered the residence for free.

Social media users quickly shared the word about a “free house,” which resulted in a local committee choosing the candidates.
Eddie and Julie decided to apply, satisfying the committee’s requirements, which included a pledge to maintain the Lincoln house and use it as a family residence.

The pair took on the task of remodeling the home. They shared their work and the unexpected discoveries they made during the restoration process by posting updates about their adventure on social media.

To prepare for the move, they renovated the house by sealing open spaces, removing porches, and rebuilding the roof. When the house was gutted, intriguing items were discovered, including handprints from 1973 children. Even with obstacles like insulation that was infested with cockroaches, Julie and Eddie were committed to maintaining the house’s historical significance.

The biggest job was moving the house, which Unruh House Moving was tasked with doing. Eddie and Julie watched the relocation intently, seeing their ideal house placed on a truck and driven to a new location that was only two miles away.

The Flores family is currently living in a home that Julie’s parents own, and they are constantly faced with the task of finishing renovations.

They plan to complete the renovations by Thanksgiving with an estimated investment of $95,000, turning their house into a communal project by working with nearby companies.

Despite the difficulties, Julie and Eddie’s journey serves as a metaphor for the positive effects of perseverance, a sense of community, and the delight that comes from converting an abandoned property into a beloved family home.

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