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Melanie Griffith and “Miami Vice” star Don Johnson had a turbulent marriage that included two divorces. Their turbulent love story attracted attention from the media.
Notwithstanding the difficulties, they are proud parents of a successful actress named Dakota Johnson, their daughter.

 Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith’s Beautiful Daughter: What Does The Heir The Star Couple Do?
Melanie Griffith, who was 14 at the time, and Don Johnson, who gained notoriety in 1984 with “Miami Vice,” met on the set of “Harrad Experiment.” Griffith fell in love, got a crush on her, and they had a special bond.

Following a brief divorce in 1976, when Griffith turned 18, the two married, leaving Griffith with a tattoo serving as a remembrance. Johnson and Griffith remained friends even after their original breakup, even though they were in other relationships.

1987 saw them reconnect and encourage one another’s professional endeavors. Griffith, struggling with addiction, took comfort in Johnson’s support.
When they reunited in 1988, they decided to get married again and have a baby.

Dakota was born into Johnson and Griffith’s second marriage, which took place in a secret ceremony at their ranch in 1989.

They were content with their existence as a family away from Aspen and felt that their daughter and reunion were incentives to overcome personal obstacles.

But in 1994, their second marriage disintegrated due to irreconcilable issues.

Griffith and Johnson are still friendly, even after being divorced. Griffith is proud of Dakota’s accomplishments, and he accepts singledom.

The couple’s complicated and passionate love story is still remembered in Hollywood history.

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