«Looks So Impressive:😍 An Amusing Tiny House Was Converted from an Old Double-decker Bus by a Man!»

This double-decker bus was used as a commuter bus in Manchester, United Kingdom, back in the 1950s. It operated as a tour bus in San Francisco and Mount St. Helens.

It finally reached Portland, Oregon, where it now resides as the Grilled Cheese Grill food truck. Whit Scott eventually purchased it for $8,000 and spent a total of $22,000 over five months, turning it into a quaint, modest home.

The tiny house has a useful kitchenette, a quaint living area with funny artwork, a little but adorable bathroom, and a bedroom with a queen-sized bed.

It even has a Grilled Cheese Grill sign.

Now that he rents it out on Airbnb, Scott has made a small patio for visitors to enjoy outside.

Scott is now a “tiny house maker,” renovating airstreams and living the life of his dreams. Watch the video below to see a charming tour of a tiny house!

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