«I Would Take a Lover Who’s Twenty»: 😳Jane Fonda Faced Backlash for Making Such a Dangerous Remark!  

The well-known entertainment industry star Jane Fonda recently revealed her dating preferences, saying she would rather date a younger partner than an older one. She stated in her 80s that she “doesn’t want old skin,” so if she were to have a partner, he would have to be at least 20.

 “I Would Take a Lover Who’s 20”: Jane Fonda Was Critisized For a Risky Statement!

Online users criticized her statement, arguing that she would need to provide financial incentives to draw in a younger man. Some people voiced concern with the proposal, labeling it “disgusting.”

There were worries expressed about her family’s possible reaction if she dated someone considerably younger.Some fans defended Fonda’s decision despite the criticism, pointing out that Cher and other well-known people sometimes date younger partners.

Fonda stressed that she is no longer interested in a sexual partner, citing previous meaningful relationships, even though she still prefers the company of younger people.
She went on to say that having a younger partner would make intimacy difficult since she wouldn’t want to be naked in front of him.

Jane Fonda looks youthful and gorgeous, even in her advanced years. She was recently spotted in a stunning cream top, blazer, and slacks ensemble, highlighting her thick gray hair, at a PAC fundraising event in Texas.

What do you think about her words?

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