«They Loved to Get Dressed Up and Perform When They Were Young:😊The Current Look and Activities of Lisa Marie Presley’s Twins!»

The sole child of the late Elvis Presley and Priscilla Ann Presley, Lisa Marie Presley had her share of hardships despite the fame and wealth that came with her famous family.
Lisa Marie is a singer-songwriter whose life story includes a turbulent divorce and a drawn-out custody dispute that lasted for almost five years. The renowned artist was married twice and has four children in total. Her youngest child, Harper and Finley, was born on October 7, 2008, to Lisa Marie and her husband, Michael Lockwood.

The twins had a knack for entertainment and came from a family steeped in the entertainment industry. According to Lisa Marie, Harper and Finley desired to participate in the action and display their charm and skill rather than just watch shows.

Lockwood, the Presleys’ father, was an entertainer’s guitarist and producer; therefore, the family’s musical history was carried down through the generations.
But after ten years of marriage, the twins’ parents’ acrimonious divorce in June 2016 interrupted the twins’ childhood. Lockwood, who was in charge of Lisa Marie’s assets, was accused of financial mismanagement during the contentious divorce procedures. Lisa Marie then filed for sole custody of Harper and Finley after accusing Lockwood of being an unsuitable father.
With charges leveled at both parties and complicated legal issues, the custody dispute escalated.

The twins were allegedly placed in foster care amid these difficulties, according to hearsay. In February 2017, Priscilla, Lisa Marie’s mother, refuted these allegations on Facebook, stating that Harper and Finley were living with her and would stay there until the custody dispute was resolved.

Priscilla underlined her dedication to treating situations with decency and giving the kids’ welfare top priority.
The COVID-19 pandemic also caused disturbances for the twins, which had an impact on their social and academic lives. Nevertheless, as Lisa Marie posted on social media, they were able to find a constructive outlet by fostering puppies from a nearby animal shelter. Her sudden passing had a significant effect on her family, especially the twins, who were going through puberty at the time.

Michael Lockwood expressed his condolences for Harper and Finley’s terrible loss while highlighting their extraordinary spirits in his message.

They now have to continue the Presley family’s legacy while also navigating the emptiness created by their mother’s death.

The twins are resolutely facing the future, guided by the continuing impact of their illustrious family history with their elder sister Riley.

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