«Julia Roberts Unveils Images of Her Twins: 😲How Do The Star’s Heirs, Whom She Has Always Kept Secret, Now Look?»

Famous actress Julia Roberts, who has been in several films, recently posted an uncommon picture of her twins, who are now 19 years old, when they were newborns.
Julia, 56, has made a conscious effort to avoid the spotlight, particularly with her two oldest, Phinnaeus Walter Moder and Hazel Patricia Moder.

Fans were taken aback and delighted by the latest image, and many of them complimented Roberts for defending her children’s privacy.

The actress and her spouse, Daniel Moder, have made Manhattan, New Mexico, and California their homes to avoid the spotlight all the time. They have been committed to keeping a private family life.

Julia wants to live a quiet family life free from needless interference, which is why she chose to keep her family hidden from prying eyes.

Fans responded well to Julia Roberts’s latest, unusual photo of her hugging her twins; many expressed respect for the protective mother and her darling kids.

Supporters were happy to see Julia Roberts enjoying the special times she shared with her twins and valued her resolve to keep a low profile for her family.

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