«Unbelievably Strange: 😳Due to her appearance, the woman is not allowed to attend her children’s school and is unable to get employment!»🤔

Due to her numerous facial tattoos, Melissa Sloan, a mother of two, has difficulty finding work and is sometimes denied access to events such as her kids’ school play.

Even with more than 800 tattoos—many of which are on her face—Sloan is devoted to her addiction and gets three new ones every week.

The prejudice against visible tattoos in society is shown by the rejection she received from local bars, prospective employers, and even her children’s school.

Reactions differ; some say she should open a tattoo parlor, while others stress that she should take responsibility for the effects of having such obvious body art.

Sloan is unrepentant about her decision to keep getting inked despite the obstacles.

What’s your comment about her appearance?

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