«Look As Their Dad: 😍❤Anna Kournikova Shared the Appearance of Her and Enrique Iglesias’s Children?»😯

Recently, Lucy and Nicholas, the twins of the famous couple Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, celebrated being four years old. As soon as the pleased parents posted updated pictures of the kids, viewers saw how similar each parent looked.

Fans praised the twins and wished them a happy and healthy future as their sixth birthday approaches on December 16.

Observant admirers praised Enrique and Anna for not indulging in ostentatious branded products, pointing out the kids’ modest clothes. Positive comments were made about the couple’s parenting style, with some even proposing that other celebrities take note.

Even though they are well-known, Enrique and Anna lead quiet lives and rarely post pictures of their kids.

Despite being together for over 20 years, the couple doesn’t disclose their relationship status.

Fans excitedly await the star couple’s infrequent birthday pictures so they may see their darling kids.

Do you find any similarities?

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