«The paparazzi caught a picture of Michael Jackson’s son, who is already an adult with long hair!»😮

Michael Jackson who is the late King of Pop, had three children: Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson, and Blanket Jackson. Paris and Prince were born to his ex-wife Deborah Rowe.

 Michael Jackson’s Son Was Captured By The Paparazzi: The Son Of The King Is Already All Grown-up With Long Hair!
Michael unfortunately passed away when his children were still quite young; the eldest was eleven years old, and the youngest was just seven. After Michael Jackson passed away, the children’s grandparents and matriarch, Katherine Jackson, was appointed temporary co-guardian.

Katherine was placed under guardianship since Rowe, the mother of the two oldest children, was missing at the time and could not be found. Following the death of their father, Paris, Prince, and Blanket reportedly remained residents of the family’s San Fernando Valley estate, according to family sources.

Blanket, who is currently 21 years old, gained notoriety for the notorious Berlin balcony incident in which he was suspended above fans at a height of three stories with a cover over his face. He was recently sighted at a Calabasas Barnes & Noble, looking like a grown-up. Blanket was wearing casual clothes, a mustache, a beard, and longer hair as he looked around the video and television area.

His appearance revealed a more mature appearance, and people noticed how at ease he seemed.

Following his brother’s appearance at the “Michael Jackson One” Cirque du Soleil production and their father’s 65th birthday celebration in Las Vegas, Blanket appears to be progressively coming out of the shadows and accepting maturity.

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