«Cher was seen hobbling out of her hotel after Thanksgiving, and her fans are freaking out!»😲

In October 2023, Cher’s most recent holiday single debuted at No. 3 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales list, earning a noteworthy spot.
Cher stressed in a recent interview that her holiday songs—including this one—are not just “Christmas Christmas” songs but rather outstanding creations.

Entertainment photographer Elder Ordonez captured Cher’s exit from the hotel after she took part in the yearly celebration, and he posted a video to Instagram.
Cher, wearing an all-black outfit and matching boots, walked elegantly to the waiting car with the help of a security guard.

Reactions to Cher’s social media post were mixed, with some people raising questions about her mobility. Some wondered if her shoes would have an effect, while others questioned her age. One person defended Cher, pointing out that she is seventy-seven years old and asking those who criticize her to think about how agile they would be at that age.

Fans acknowledged the online discussion and offered a range of viewpoints, pointing out feelings of fatigue or attributing it to aging naturally.

Several admirers seized the chance to compliment Cher despite the criticism, highlighting her legendary reputation and expressing gratitude for her long career.

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