«67-year-old Lisa Hartman Black Flaunted Her Daughter, Saying the Youngster Is Exactly Like Her Mother!»😯

Lisa Hartman Black, a well-known singer and actress from “Knots Landing,” was 67 today. After 31 years of marriage to Clint Black, they co-manage the family business.

 67-year-old Lisa Hartman Black Showed Off Her Daughter:  The Girl Is a Real Copy Of Her Mom!

Lisa left Hollywood to live a more private life with her family. Lily Pearl Black, their daughter, hailed Lisa as a friend and role model.

The pair, renowned for their unwavering love, recently went on a tour together to highlight their close relationship.

It’s a true family enterprise now that Lily has joined her parents in their musical pursuits, following in their footsteps.

The talented and loving family has left a lasting impact on the music business.

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