😇«The child’s reaction to “Words of the Stepmother’s Oath To Her 4-year-old Step Son” broke everyone’s hearts!»♥(Video)

Four-year-old Gage had a difficult time at his dad’s wedding a few years back. In Ripley, New York, his father, US Marine Corps sergeant Joshua Newville, was being married to Senior Airman Emily Leehan. Until Emily began reading vows that she had written specifically for Gage, he was holding it together.

 “Words Of The Stepmother’s Oath To Her 4-year-old Step Son”: The Child’s Reaction Broke The Hearts Of Those Present!

Gage stood proudly by his father as he and Emily exchanged vows during the ceremony. Gage had no idea that Emily had made emotional promises specifically for him.

Gage started crying as soon as she started saying them because his feelings overcame him. Emily began, “I want you to try your hardest, be a good person, and be safe,” but before she could say anything more, Gage gave her a strong hug and burst into tears.

The audience gasped in sympathy as Emily held Gage and reassured him, telling him not to cry. Emily went on to declare her love for Gage, adding, “I hope you realize at the end that you are a unique guy.
You are so charming, intelligent, and considerate of others. I may not have given you the gift of life, but life undoubtedly gave me the gift of you, and you have greatly contributed to the woman I am today.

Joshua and Emily were crying as well when their vows came to an end. Even though his emotional response stole the show, Gage brought a poignant moment to their unforgettable ceremony.

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