«I’m humiliated after losing the verdict!: 😬😲Cameras secretly filmed Depp’s ex-wife after she «quitted» Hollywood»

How are Amber Heard’s things going after losing the verdict and criticism from international community? See snapshots from her «private» life in Spain away from Hollywood!

Once being dubbed one of the most alluring and desirable actresses in Hollywood, Amber Heard’s life has changed to the roots when she lost the verdict and was «humiliated» by that. The «unhappy» family life and scandals of her marriage with Johnny Depp made her worn out and hopeless.

Of course, she couldn’t stand still and not to change the way of her life attempting to escape from her own self and totally changing her environment. One of the talked-about women of this year decided to flee to Spain and start everything from scratch.

She described herself «humiliated» after she lost the verdict and started to seek a private life in Spain, away from Hollywood and all those rumors and negativity. See what all these events have done to one of the biggest idol’s ex-wife here!

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