«Dad’s angel has grown up!: 😍💘What Tom Cruise’s and Katie Holmes’s heiress looks like now piqued everyone’s interest»

Cruise’s and Holmes’s only daughter turns 17! Suri stayed with her mother after the Hollywood couple’s divorce and hardly ever communicated with her dad. What to know about the celebrity kid?

It was in 2012 that the legendary Hollywood couple divorced radically changing their only heiress’s life too. Their breakup turned out to be fatal for Suri since she stopped having any contact with him. Holmes, in her turn, did everything to keep her away from her dad’s unhealthy passion for scientology.

The absolutely adorable girl is now 17 and photojournalists never pass indifferently. Suri’s uncanny resemblance to her legendary dad and beautiful deep-blue eyes make it impossible to take our eyes off her.

People worldwide call her «an angelic beauty», «a future supermodel» and «daddy’s little angel» feeling so sorry that the father and daughter don’t communicate with each other.

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