«About paid paparazzi and behind the scenes!: 😱😳Far not everyone has seen the other side of «dream» Hollywood»

Mind-blowing secrets of Hollywood that none of you is aware! After discovering the whole truth about Hollywood, your ideal image about it will change!

There is another side of Hollywood which will forever be a big secret for millions and which will literally ruin your «perfect» perception of it. Today, we are going to share about some hidden parts of Hollywood which will stun everyone and disclose the darkest parts of the industry.

As a popular proverb runs, the rich also cry. There can be a number of problems, family scandals and challenges of which none of you is aware.


This is a widespread eating disorder from which many world-renowned and successful celebrities suffer. This is not always visible to the naked eye, but let’s not forget about what is not seen on the screen.

These stars are not free of charge

It will be a little discovery for you that having the stars on the Walk of Fame costs much for celebs. Believe it not, they pay 30 000 per months for them.

Not telling the real age

Some celebrities find it hard to disclose their real age. This can be conditioned by a number of reasons the most widespread one of which is avoiding comparison thus not «having to» be criticized by the international community.

Paid paparazzi

Few talk about this, but some stars actually pay paparazzi for good photos which raise their reputation and after which they get nice compliments from millions of their fans.

Fake romances for PR

There have been many cases when screen couples get into a fake relationship in real-life to create intrigue and captivate viewers.

A LOT OF people at the Oscars!

Those who come here have high hopes to interact with their idols, yet this happens really rarely. They have no right but to watch the ceremony from afar and admire silently.

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