«The other side of being famous!: 🤫Bella Hadid broke the silence and hit the network with sensational photos»

Bella Hadid left fans heartbroken by posting exclusive footage from hospital. One of the highest-paid models got candid and showed what hides behind the fame.

The iconic supermodel experienced the first symptoms of borreliosis years before, but it was only in 2015 that doctors gave her the diagnosis which changed her life to the roots. Hadid made a splash and broke the admirers’ hearts after showing the real image representing the other side of being popular and successful.

Olsen, Bieber and a number of other celebrities are believed to have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and today’s heroine didn’t remained unaffected by it too. Among the symptom are irregular heartbeats, severe headaches, insomnia and unbearable muscle pain.

As the celebrity adds, the terrible disease is usually treated by antibiotics. Her new footage from hospital even gave her fans goosebumps who rushed to show their unwavering support and sympathy.

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