«Once a lovely girl with long hair!: 😮🧐This is what Cher’s daughter looks like after officially stepping into a new life»

In 2010 Cher’s daughter officially changed her name and.. gender! What the pop singer’s heiress looks like now is something none of you is prepared for!

Far not everyone knows that Cher’s daughter officially changed her name back in the 2010s. To say that it was hard for the iconic singer to accept that fact is nothing to say, yet she unwaveringly supported Chasity’s final decision staying by her side at all costs.

Soon, Chasity changed into Chaz. When one looks at him now, it is hard to believe that once she used to be a nice-looking girl. Currently, he feels so good being a man that he doesn’t even recall how it was being a girl.

Of course, his decision results in mixed reactions and is approved by far not everyone. Some support his decision being convinced that one should change their gender when they don’t feel comfortable, while some judged and harshly criticized.

«It’s time for you to mind your own business!», «It is completely up to him. Stop the criticism!», «Who are you to judge him?», «Most importantly, he has found his happiness and harmony», «Poor Cher! She must be «proud» of her girl».

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