«Shows more than allowed!: 🫣🔥Harlow rocks a tiny bikini and storms the network as one of the most provocative models»

You all have watched «America’s Next Top Model»! One of the most non-standard participants Winnie Harlow showed her half-naked body and sparked reaction!

Everyone will probably remember this absolutely unique and successful model from «America’s Next Top Model» with a rare disorder called vitiligo causing patches of skin to lose the pigmentation. Already at such a young age, she has earned worldwide reputation and overall recognition.

Winnie has recently stormed the network with her provocative photos in a tiny swimsuit. The piquant snapshots caused a stir becoming the subject of heated discussions.

It is needless to say that the opinions and reaction of the netizens greatly varied| some consider her an incredible beauty, but the others believe that there is nothing beautiful and attractive about her.

To some of the network users’ opinions, she even resembles late Michael Jackson who also had skin pigmentation. If we go deeper, they both have a number of common traits among which are having a rare skin disorder and standing out in public.

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