«Isaura turned 66!: 😮The way the leading actress of «The Slave Isaura» appears now evokes interest»

Can you recall Isaura from our childhood’s favorite Brazilian series? None of you here is ready to see what actress Lucelia Santos looks like now, at the age of 66!

This talented and outstanding actress’s drizzling career was brought to a whole new level after her brilliant participation in the hit Brazilian series the first episodes of which were released back in 1976. Our beauty has already turned 66 and here she is years later!

It seems as if the Brazilian film star has stopped the time. It is hard to believe that with no single plastic surgery she manages to look so amazing. Her timelessly beautiful appearance apparently didn’t go unnoticed.

«Years have no power over her», «Her beauty is beyond!», «I can recognize the old Isaura! You look fantastic for your age», «Illegal to look so good at 66!», «She needs no surgery, not even makeup».

«Age is just a number for her!», «Her charm and allure have remained unchanged!», «How can we unsee this?».

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