«Rose is not the same anymore!: 😬The way years have changed cult actress Kate Winslet didn’t go unnoticed»

Poor Jack, how disappointed he would be to see Rose now! Camera lenses accidentally filmed rounded Kate Winslet and made a splash among the fans. See what time has done to her below!

Today’s article is about iconic and accomplished actress K. Winslet who brilliantly acted in «Titanic». She is already 47 and no trace of old Rose has been remained. Her angelic beauty, unique allure and femininity would let no man pass by indifferently. Winslet’s career peak was after her cult role as Rose.

The fact that she doesn’t look exactly the same just like in James Cameron’s legendary film fails to deny the fact that she still looks amazing as well as a lot younger for her age. See her recent photos in this article!

She is strongly against any plastic surgeries and other beauty procedures embracing natural ageing. This has become one of her traits that earn respect and admiration of the international community.

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