«Living Ken doll before plastic surgeries!: 😳🤭Far not everyone knows what Alves looked like as a youthful boy»

Ken didn’t always look like this! How Alves appeared before his mind-blowing transformation sparked reaction on social media.

The incredible self-discovery journey of R. Alves doesn’t go unnoticed anywhere. One can see that each and every one of us achieves our «dream» appearance with this or that method. Some go on crushing diets to lose weight, the others change their skin-care routine. What concerns this star, he chose plastic surgery as a form of self-expression.


Netizens were quick to call him a clown and a fake doll, yet how he appeared before came as a big surprise for absolutely everyone. It is quite obvious that he did much on his face so as to look like a living doll. Did he manage?

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