«Before the horns, tattoos and piercings!: 😲🧐Archive footage of the non-standard reality show star went viral»

Rare photos of Christina Ray before horns, tattoos and piercings stormed the network! No one had an idea she was such an angelic beauty before her body modifications.

There is hardly anyone who will ask who Christina Ray is. The reality show star became popular due to her non-standard appearance. Her incredible body modifications and self-discovery journey changed the young cute girl beyond recognition making her one of the most scandalous and talked-about Internet stars.

She has undergone significant changes which transformed her from a pretty girl into «someone like an alien» and «a clown» as a number of network users claim. The thing is that as Ray saw the great chance to change her appearance as she liked, she soon became uncontrollable.

Her photos before soon caused controversy letting no one remain indifferent and not to comment on her odd appearance.

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